New building projects

The LWB has launched an extensive new building program. Gaps in the city center as well as larger areas in other parts of the city are being built on.


With the start of construction for an apartment building and an integrated daycare centre, LWB has begun another new building project. more

Saalfelder Straße

The new residential complex with 300 apartments consists of 18 houses, which are placed in six blocks around two residential courtyards.  more

Landsberger Straße

New apartments for large and small families are currently being built in the popular city area of Möckern. more

Straße des 18. Oktober

The LWB is building a total of 104 new homes in Strasse des 18. Oktober. more


In mid-July 2019, excavation of the building pit in Littstraße began. more


With the excavation of the building pit, the new building project Bernhard-Göring-Straße 17 started at the beginning of the year. more

Neubau Quer-/Schützenstraße

The first new apartments in Quer-/Schützenstraße were occupied in 2018. more

Kita Watestraße

The third day care center built by the LWB was handed over to the operator in February 2019. more

Kita Brüderstraße

In the fall of 2018, the LWB handed over the new day care center in Brüderstraße to Diakonie Leipzig, which is responsible for the facility. more