Heating and ventilation

For a good climate

Correct heating and ventilation can easily be learned. If you follow the rules, you will ensure a good (room) climate at home and save money.

Dry your air

Did you know that humans release up to 1.5 litres of water into their environment every day just by sweating and breathing? Added to this is the water vapour produced by cooking, washing, ironing or showering. If the moisture remains in the rooms, the risk of mould grows. Regular ventilation is essential to prevent damage to the home and furnishings. At least twice a day, all windows should widely be opened for ten minutes. It is also economical and it makes sense to heat all rooms to room temperature at all times. Please do not heat one room through other rooms. Why? If warm (and humid) air enters an unheated room, it will settle there as moisture.

Heizen und Lüften


  • Ventilate at least twice a day by opening all windows wide
  • Ventilate immediately after showering or cooking
  • Never dry laundry in the apartment
  • Heat all rooms constantly
  • Furniture and curtains do not belong in front of the heating
  • Check temperature and humidity regularly with a thermohygrometer

Trusting is good, control is better

It ight be, that there are people who can sense temperature and humidity. However, we advise you to trust a thermohygrometer. On this device, which is also available for little money, you can easily read the temperature and humidity and thus perfectly control the climate in your home. The air humidity should not exceed 50 percent. In addition, the ideal up to the maximum temperatures in living rooms are between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius, in the bedroom between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius and in the bathroom at most 23 degrees Celsius. You can read more in our service brochure.

Service brochure (german)